Administrative team


Director Of Student Affairs


Extension Number 21~24

Online phone 082-362425

Directer of Students affairs

1. Execute the resolutions of the academic affairs meeting.
2. Formulate the implementation method of tutors and the rotating work of assistant tutors.
3. Handle the assignment and assessment of the instructors and the staff of the office.
4. Approve or sign off on student rewards and punishments.
5. Host various competitions and check the records of various class meetings.
6. Executive Secretary of the Student Sexual Equality Education Committee.


Section Chief of Student Activities

1. Guide and plan student self-government activities (class cadres, class associations, graduate associations, etc).
2. Administrative cooperation and seminars for the implementation of group activity courses (coming of age ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, international visits, etc).
3. Planning Scout activities, art performances and art team training.
4. Handle the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and the flag raising of the student assembly.
5. Educational savings account business.
6. Plan disaster prevention drills on campus.


Discipline Section

1. Implement self-governance, order, and discipline counseling (traffic, national defense education...).
2. Formulate implementation measures for student life counseling, and control students' life behaviors inside and outside the school.
3. Control student leave procedures and keep in close contact with parents.
4. Handle the work of on-duty guidance and care, and supervise the maintenance of traffic safety for students to and from school.
5. Handling of major incidents on campus.
6. Handle the notification business of student sexual peace incidents


Hygiene Section

1. Intramural sports team training.
2. Plan and manage sports activities on and off campus.
3. Planning the school's various resource recycling business, and students' campus environment cleaning activities.
4. Implement environmental education publicity and promotion activities inside and outside the school.
5. Handle the competition and selection of campus environment cleanliness.
6. Handle national cleaning week business.
7. Environmental education hours login.


Full-time coach
1. Track and field team training matters.


1. Handle school brunch business.
2. Handle parent meeting business.
3. Students are absent from school, reward and punishment, log in for service hours, and sell off business.
4. Minutes of various meetings.



1. Establishment and management of student health data (disadvantage correction, medical referral, disease counseling tracking, etc.).
2. Handle student health consultation and emergency situations.
3. Responsible for liaising with health care institutions, parents and local people to promote health promotion.
4. Assist the first-year students in the health examination, various vaccine administration and health education matters.
5. Handle the acceptance of student brunch ingredients.