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Technology Center


Extension Number 66

Online phone 082-362425

Kinmen County Lieyu Self-made Education and Technology Center took over the original Kinmen County Self-made Education and Technology Center in the 108 school year.
The center currently has three main mission orientations:

1) TechPanda student/teacher course promotion delivery
In order to improve the chances of primary and secondary schools in Kinmen County to obtain science and technology education activities, the Science and Technology Center provides information on course activities, lecturers and material funds for each school to apply for activities. The center coordinates the course time and distributes the required courses to each school for course activities . Schools are also welcome to apply to the Science and Technology Center for activities if the course execution requires the use of devices that cannot be moved.

2) TechWanna teacher needs study course
The Science and Technology Center has the task of providing primary and secondary school teachers in the Kinmen area with the task of promoting new knowledge of science and technology education. Therefore, teachers can also provide the types and directions of study courses that they want to study. The center assists in coordinating lecturers and arranging time for in-demand study.

3) TechEureka Student Task Implementation Competition
The center cooperates with various competitions organized by the county government and the National Education Bureau to provide primary and secondary school students with access to their learning achievements in the field of science and technology. The student competitions that have been held so far include bridge load-bearing, bionic animal racing, and creative clothes rack design and production. The electromechanical integration and programming part is the bicycle challenge.


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