About Liehyu


Founded in 1966, it was originally the Lieyu branch of Jincheng Junior High School. At that time, the school temporarily used the building of Lieyu Shangqi Elementary School. The new school building was completed the following year, and the students were moved to the current site. The name was officially changed to "Kinmen County Lieyu Junior High School". At the beginning, there were only four classrooms and one office. In 1993, a three-story teaching and administrative complex was built.

The school has about 106 students and 29 staff, and provides 7-9 education. The school has 6 classes in total, 2 classes for each grade. The school has a total area of ​​21,589.91 square meters; 5 teaching buildings, 1 auditorium, 2 dormitories, 1 basketball court, and 1 sports ground. The school district of our school includes five administrative villages in Lieyu Township: Linhu Village, Huangpu Village, Shangqi Village, Xikou Village and Shanglin Village.

School badge

Lieyu Middle School, established in 1966, is the only national middle school on Lieyu Island (commonly known as Little Kinmen). The school badge has been in use for more than 50 years since its establishment. In 2020, the school outsourced the manufacturer to re-optimize the design. The school badge symbolizes the core of the center's character and leads each student to complete their educational process. There are also designs for the four learning goals, including the latitude and longitude of the earth to represent the international vision, the flower of aesthetics to represent aesthetic literacy, the crystallization of wisdom from scientific and technological literacy, and the mutual support of teamwork.

Traffic Information

Take the ferry to Jiugong port.  You can take the Northern Line bus and get off at the Department of Hospital Station. The school is just next to the hospital.


Kinmen County Lieyu Junior High School Global Information Network
No. 38, Houjing, Lieyu Township, Kinmen County,R.O.C. (Taiwan)


There are six regular classes with 105 students, 1 principal,  24 teachers (including 1 extra). As for the administrative team, there are  1 accountant, 1 personnel, 1 school nurse, 2 section chiefs, 2 administrative secretary, and 2 school workers.


Cheng: Sincerity, enthusiasm, face everything with a candid and loyal heart

Zheng: Sturdy and upright, treat people with a fair and upright attitude

Ching: Diligent, frugal, create a life with the spirit of diligence and frugality

Pu: Simple, down-to-earth, manage life with simple and simple beliefs